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  • NeuroBion Plus – Ampolletas

    $ 19.99

    Neurobion Plus Liquid Dietary Supplement has B Complex Vitamins with a Neurobion B Blend and is an exclusive formulation with the synergy of the important group of B vitamins, including the essential Vitamin B-12, which is involved in a number of processes related to the brain synthesis of neurotransmitters. Easy to take, convenient drinkable B-Complex Vials with Methylcobalamin. Delicious Fruit Flavor!

    Ingredients: B Complex Vitamins, Neurobion B Blend

    Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, Drink 1 or 2 Vials of 15ml a day.

    Safety Information: Do not take more than Recommended Dose. Keep Away from small children. Keep in a safe temperature. Avoid leaving in extreme temperatures (Too Hot/Too Cold). Safest temperature is room temperature, generally 70° F